World Treasure Trading Company was founded by Jim and Louise Hsu Anderson in 1987. In the early years, the company specialized in Yixing Teapots and was  instrumental in introducing these lovely, handmade, functional stoneware vessels to the US market. We worked directly with the artists to create innovative designs, including many which have been selected for the permanent collections of major US museums.  

Since then, the company’s interests have been greatly expanded as Jim and Louise made hundreds of trips throughout Asia seeking out and developing various, interesting, high quality handmade products. Most of our suppliers are individual artists, craft families, and small working groups. The company always seeks to establish direct, personal, on going relationships.  This helps insure our artisans are fairly compensated in a safe and ethical working environment. Many of these relationships have been maintained for over 10-20 years. We emphasis designs or production techniques that are deeply rooted in Asian culture. The company seeks to utilize natural, sustainable materials such as: silk, cotton, merino wool, cashmere, linen, ramie, clay(stoneware pottery), bamboo, and sustainably grown woods.